Stage Ready Dance and Drama

2 clubs in one for every childs dance and drama dreams

Our" Just for Fun" Recreational dance classes

  • Our just for fun recreational dance classes are full of friendships, fitness and most of all fun!
  • Dress code is flexible and personal with most dancers opting to wear leggings and our club T-shirt. 
  • There is still learning of technique and skill, however we don't focus soley on this.
  • Affordable and value packed, children get to experience more than one dance style in these classes.
  • These classes are for EVERY BODY who loves to move and groove and dance without the pressure of being "perfect"
  • Our recreational classes are the most popular, focusing on friendships, social skills, fitness and fun. 

Here is the Timetable of our recreational classes. 


4:00-4:45    Minis Dance

4:00-5:30    Girls only Hip Hop and Jazz

4:00-5:30    Co-Ed Hip Hop 

5:00-5:30    Boys only Hip Hop


4:00-5:15    Junior Acro and Cheer

4:00-5:15    Youth Acro, Cheer and Lyrical

4:45-5:45    Drama Club


4:00-5:30    Juniors Dance, ages 5-10

4:00-5:30    Youth Dance 1, ages 11-16

6:00-7:00    Youth Dance 2, ages 11-16